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photo: Desert bighorn sheep in Dead Horse Canyon, Santa Catalina Mountains, 1977. (credit: Joe Sheehey)



Welcome. This is the site for the Catalina Bighorn Advisory Committee (CBAC),
a cooperative effort to restore a healthy, viable and self-sustaining population
of desert bighorn sheep to the Santa Catalina Mountains, outside Tucson, Arizona.
The project dovetails with a larger, holistic restoration effort to mitigate human impacts, improve habitat in the Catalinas and return fire as a natural process
necessary for proper habitat functioning.

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The measure of success is desert bighorn sheep coexisting with an equally healthy native predator population in a naturally functioning ecosystem--the way it used to be.

The Catalina Bighorn Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives of the local sportsmen and conservation communities and includes the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, Arizona Wilderness Coalition, Center for Biological Diversity, Arizona Wildlife Federation, and The Wilderness Society. The Advisory Committee is working closely with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the United States Forest Service, and others to guide the restoration effort.

This website is a work in progress; please check back for updates and additional information as we build-out this site and the project progresses.


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Read the Advisory Committee's op-ed column in the Arizona Daily Star, May 8, 2014 here.

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Created: June, 2013.
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